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Fifty Ways to Insult Your Friends January 24, 2008

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 Whether you  want to exchange venom with your friends or “swear horrible” at your most formidable foes, here’s a list of 50 insults from Shakespeare. Use these invective terms wisely, or else you may suffer a bloody coxcomb.

  1.  cur
  2. rascal
  3. rogue
  4. natural coward without instinct
  5. foe to nobleness
  6. crafty devil
  7. fiend
  8. unbaked and doughy youth
  9. amorous surfeiter
  10. O vile viper!
  11. foul offender
  12. infinite and endless liar
  13. sprat
  14. froth and scum!
  15. thou mongrel beef-witted lord
  16. ribaudred nag
  17. envious emulator
  18. ruffian
  19. you kite!
  20. boggler
  21. dog-ape
  22. backfriend
  23. daw
  24. gorbellied codpiece
  25. brazen-faced varlet
  26. basest thing
  27. popinjay
  28. dastard noble
  29. whoreson mandrake
  30. rotten thing
  31. bastard
  32. ‘Uds pity
  33. flinty Tartar
  34. saucy eunuch
  35. canker
  36. sad wrack
  37. Piss o’ the nettle!
  38. hellhound
  39. clotpoll
  40. thorn
  41. serpent’s egg
  42. intruding fool
  43. fellow of no merits
  44. abominable fellow
  45. whoremasterly villain
  46. O gross and miserable ignorance!
  47. detestable villain
  48. wretched sinner
  49. measureless liar
  50. taffeta punk

Shakespeare + Zombies = Not in Illyria Anymore, Toto. December 5, 2007

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In our Meet & Greet, several people mentioned that they were introduced to Shakespeare through productions like Twelfth Night, or Whatever… Now I’m wondering if any of our New York affiliates got to see the recent Twelfth Night of the Living Dead? Thanks to Lillian (one of the production’s stitchers) for pointing out this bit of fun.

Twelfth Night of the Living Dead

(photo source: New York Times)

The Shakespeare Sketch December 4, 2007

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I thought I might get things rolling here at Upstart Dramaturg with a little bit of fun. In “The Shakespeare Sketch” William “Bill” Shakespeare goes to see his editor. The editor has a few qualms with the “dodgy soliloquy” in Hamlet. The sketch was originally seen in 1989 as a live version of the BBC’s Blackadder. It features Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie.

I’m still trying to work out the wrinkles of WordPress, so please, for the time being, bear with me and follow the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=IwbB6B0cQs4