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Gestures December 7, 2007

Posted by Kim Crow in : Beard of Avon , trackback

I have a new packet of information about rhetorical hand gestures. This translating captions from John Bulwer’s 1644 publication Chirologia, The Natural Language of the Hand. For your benefit, I have translated the captions into English. Please note, the words and phrases are not directly translated. Instead, I chose to provide the infinitive verb tense as I believe it is better suited to today’s theatrical ear. I am distributing copies at rehearsal today, but please ask for one in case I missed you.

I’d like to thank Brad for the visual source material and Leah for the Latin assistance. I used the University of Notre Dame Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid asĀ  guide.

I hope these gestures compliment the architecture.


1. Leah - December 10, 2007

Happy to provide some crazy Latin assistance!