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Pencils December 22, 2007

Posted by Kim Crow in : Beard of Avon , trackback


Are pencils period at all?


Yes, some sort of pencil could be used, but it would not be the manufactured wooden sticks we are familiar with today. The first mass-produced pencils weren’t created until¬†¬† 1662.

Graphite was discovered in England by 1594. It was almost immediately quarried and used to create writing instruments. Previous non-ink writing instruments would include a metal (typically lead) stylus. Due to the fact that graphite left a darker mark than lead, it was soon the preferred material for writing. However, graphite was much softer and more brittle than lead; it required a type of container. The first graphite pencils were solid pieces of graphite wrapped in string. In the mid 1600s, the graphite would be inserted into sticks hollowed out by hand.


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