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Stewards December 4, 2007

Posted by Kim Crow in : Twelfth Night , add a comment

I was very pleased with the description of the role of the steward at the “Life in Elizabethan England” site that I’ve included in the list of resources. I doubt I could describe the role more precisely as these articles:

The Steward and His Office

The Steward in Matters Domestical

Staffing a Great Household

A print copy of the three links will be available in my Dramaturg’s Black Book.

The role of the steward was honorable; in higher courts it would have been held by a gentleman. I wasn’t able to ascertain how one trains to become a steward. I believe one would work through the ranks as an understeward. I will keep my eye out for more information.

As a Beard of Avon note, The Earl of Derby was Queen Elizabeth’s steward for many years.